Our Commitment


PTI has expanded its distribution reach nationwide to fulfill its commitment of continually providing Filipino consumers access to comfort and convenience through its assortment of premium quality hygiene paper at a price that will surely fit everyone’s budget.


                                                                                             Trusted by Superbrands


Papertech products were awarded with the Superbrands status, recognizing their existing distribution reach in product performance among retail stores, likewise, considering product deliverables vis-à-vis the product commitment. 


Superbrands is an organization that serves as an intermediary on branding by identifying brands that performs above & beyond within respective markets. Each country wherein Superbrands operates elects a Superbrands council, comprising of industry experts & practitioners, they select the top brands based on the following criteria: Market Dominance, Longevity, Goodwill, Customer Loyalty, and Market Acceptancy.


“Quality and Value at its BEST.”